The goal of the Food Sanitation Program is the reduction of food-borne illness through the inspection of food service operations and education regarding safe food handling practices. All food service establishments are classified into risk categories based upon the type of menu served, the type of population served, the amount of food handling and the food handling procedures. All establishments serving food and/or beverages are inspected routinely including restaurants, retail food stores, taverns, schools, churches, and temporary vendors. All establishments are required to obtain an annual permit from the Health Department. Information is available for the Illinois State Food Sanitation Course Offerings.


The goals of the Private Sewage Disposal Program are to minimize the risk of communicable disease transmission and the reduction of adverse impacts upon the environment. The Private Sewage Disposal Program requires that all installations and/or repairs of individual sewage disposal systems be inspected by a sanitarian. All new sewage systems and repairs to existing systems require a permit from the Health Department prior to construction.


The goal of the Tanning Program is to reduce the long-term injury to the skin and eyes of patrons caused by overexposure to ultraviolet radiation. All tanning establishments are inspected annually.
The goal of the Body Art Program is to reduce the spread of communicable diseases through blood borne pathogens. Inspections are provided annually to all body art establishments in Christian County.


The Water Well Program assures that all private and non-community public water systems are properly located, constructed, and supply water satisfactory for consumption. In addition, the installation or repair of individual water wells are inspected and sampled to ensure a safe water supply. A permit is required before a water well can be constructed.

For environmental complaints within the city limits of Taylorville, call the City Health Officer at 824-8713. For the city of Pana, call the City Health Officer at 562-2741.

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